Amateur Radio Emergency Services Radio Forms

ICS 205. This is the incident radio communications plan. It should indicate the designated frequencies for priority, resource, and health and welfare traffic. It should include all frequency families actually used during the incident, including - for example - public service and ham frequencies. For a PDF copy, click here.

ICS 309. This is the ICS communications log, which should be kept by all on-duty radio operators. For a PDF copy, click here.

ICS 213. The most common ARES radio form, used for all but tactical traffic, is the ICS 213. An ICS 213 must be signed before it is transmitted. The signature is not that of the radio operator. Instead, the form is signed by the individual originating the traffic. The signature assumes responsibility for accuracy. It also confirms financial responsibility for all requests for material and personnel. For a PDF copy, click here.

NTS Radiogram. Health and welfare traffic is commonly passed using the amateur radio national traffic system (NTS) radiogram form. For a PDF copy, click here.