The Cannon Beach Amateur Radio Society (CBARS)

The Cannon Beach Amateur Radio Society, established in October 2008, is for the purpose of providing communications assistance to the Cannon Beach Fire District as well as communications assistance to Clatsop County and ARES in times of disaster and in furtherance of public service activities. Membership is open to all licensed radio operators within Clatsop County.

CBARS maintains emergency radio equipment at the Cannon Beach and Arch Cape fire stations. The call sign for the Cannon Beach fire station is KE7ZHX. The call sign for the Arch Cape fire station is N7WC.

Additional equipment is in place or in the planning stages for designated emergency shelters in the area. We organize periodic emergency radio tests and welcome all licensed operaters to participate.

CBARS is maintained by a volunteer committee. For information about the organization, contact the committee chair, Dale Mosby - email: For questions about the webpage or to be added to the CBARS mailing list, contact Helen Chauncey - email:

For a band plan of frequencies maintained at CBARS radio stations, click here. For additional information on emergency communications, including packet instructions, Clatsop County ARES, and ICS radio forms, click here.

CBARS is a service group, not a amateur radio club. For those interested in club activities, we encourage you to contact either the Sunset Empire Amateur Radio Club (SEARC) or the Seaside Tsunami Amateur Radio Society (STARS).

For Sunset Empire, click here.

SEARC maintains the Columbia Pacific Amateur Radio Network.