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Amateur Radio and Volunteer E-Prep

in Cannon Beach and Arch Cape/Falcon Cove Oregon

This is a resource site in support of volunteer emergency preparation in Cannon Beach and Arch Cape/Falcon Cove. The lead agency for emergency response in the overall area is Cannon Beach Fire and Rescue (CBFR).

Volunteer emergency communications is supported by the Cannon Beach Amateur Radio Society (CBARS). For more about CBARS, click on the CBARS link below. Additional information on Clatsop County ARES/RACES and the Incident Command System (ICS) is available on the Em-Comm link.

The city of Cannon Beach has extensive emergency preparedness planning for residents and guests. Click on CB E-PREP below for more information. For emergency preparedness in Arch Cape/Falcon Cove, click on ACFC E-Prep below.

The region has up-to-date tsunami evacuation mapping. We urge all residents and visitors to be familiar with distant and local tsunami warnings and know all available evacuation routes. Cannon Beach, Arcadia, and Arch Cape have Blue Barrel programs. We encourage all residents and rental hosts to participate.